Public Works Specialist

Public Works Specialist

15 August, 2019

Position: Public Works Specialist


Number of required employees for the post: 1 (One)


The objective of the assignment is to obtain the services of qualified and experienced Public Works Specialist with specific experience on design of Urban Community Based Public Works (watershed structures, blue green infrastructure and solid waste management works) and knowledge of environmental and social matters related to Public Works and who will assist UFSJCA in providing support and assistances to regions and cities in the planning and implementation of the Project Public Work activities (blue-green, watershed and solid waste Projects and other infrastructure)


  • The consultant/advisor will be responsible for providing technical assistance, monitoring and supervising UPSNP sub-projects in participating cities and contributing to capacity building activities for regional urban development bureaus and cities in areas involving public works planning and preparation. In addition the Specialist is expected to contribute to the development of plans for blue-green infrastructure, watershed and solid waste investment and other labour intensive community based projects. Furthermore, the specialist will ensure that operation and maintenance activities are put in place for completed projects and that citizens participate in PW planning and management. Specific duties and responsibilities are:
  • Provide technical and capacity building support in the planning and implementation of UPSNP public works activities.
  • Prepare /review all designs, proposals, technical drawings and reports regarding UPSNP PWs (e.g. blue-green, watershed and solid waste collection, disposal & management projects) in accordance with the relevant codes and engineering practices.
  • Provide training on Public Works guidelines and operation- al manuals.
  • Together with city level experts follow-up on the proper hand over of sites and ensure that mobilization formalities are fulfilled.
  • Assist in the layout of construction sites.
  • Assist cities in the construction activities and super- vision of consultants and making periodic monthly progress reports of sites
  • Support cities in the application of ESMF and RPF, including follow-up on the, implementation of mitigating measures for observed environmental and social issues
  • Keep proper documentation of all the PW sub-project activities being implemented by the regions/Cities under the UPSNP and review action plans/schedules and resources required as well as assist towns in maintaining the project management, monitoring and reporting systems for UPSNP and others.
  • Assist cities in the preparation and consolidation of plans for the UPSNP and participate in any other works or meetings related to UPSNP as well as assist them in reviewing and appraising project proposals.
  • Assist in project management and implementation of UPSNP sub-projects and capacity building activities.
  • Assist in settling minor appeals and/or complaints from citizens in general or project beneficiaries in particular consistent with the project Grievances Redress Mechanism.
  • Organize meetings and/or consultative forums as required with the cities and other partners for the successful completion of the sub-projects.
  • Prepare a simplified workbook, guidelines and checklist for supervision activities.
  • Prepare physical progress reports and submit to UPSNP Coordinator

Specialist Skill Required

  • The assignment will require a high level of technical competence in engineering and watershed management especially in Blue-green infrastructure, solid waste and labour intensive public works. The Consultant should therefore possess the following qualification.
  • MSc/BSc degree or equivalent in environmental Science, water engineering, civil engineering or related field of studies with a track record in implementation of labour intensive PW projects such as blue green infrastructure, watershed development and solid waste projects.
  • A minimum of 8/10 years experience in the design, implementation and supervision of projects. Specific experience with the design and implementation of small community based labour intensive works involving community mobilization is a distinct advantage.
  • Strong commitment to sharing expertise and experience in order to develop others.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in both Amharic and English (all reports, documents and correspondences shall be in English and/or Amharic).
  • Knowledge of the urban sector in Ethiopia is an advantage.

Level of Effort and Time-table

It is expected that the assignment will start Dec. 2018 depending on availability. The specialist will be based at UJCFSA with frequent travel to cities and regions and other destinations as necessary.


Contractually, the specialist will be accountable to the Director General of UJCFSA but work under regular supervision of the PCU Coordinator to whom all reports and deliverables as per the TOR should be submitted. As agency is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation UPSNP, the Urban Job Creation & Food Security Agency (UJCFSA) will sign the contract with the specialist. The UJCFSA will also be responsible for all payments to the consultant once the work has been accepted and cleared for payment.

Interested applicants can submit their application and CV with non returnable copies of supporting documents in 7 working days of this announcement on the newspaper to the PCU of Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency located in Sengatera YOBEK building, on 8th floor, room No.806

Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency

Tel. +251 11 5575037

         +251 11 5578706

P.o. Box 43161, Addis Ababa.


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